The sorcerer’s clan

On a bright May morning Laila felt strangely amused at her homeland, Athena. Athena was near heaven for her, she didn’t want to be from some big Metropolis, the thought of being at Athena filled her with tranquility. Athena was a lush green valley on the western summit of the Starssmen range of the Scandes, just like one of the grand Swiss fjords, narrowly giving pass to the Titicana Lake, famous for its salmon rich shimmering waters. Manifestation of the wavy Starssmen cliffs could be seen on the voluptuous stretch of the Titicana, while Laila was lost in the depth of the concentric ripples created by herself a colossal black puff filled her head and she sank into a verve of amnesia.
Liela woke up at 5 O’clock, with a wobbling head, she was dazzled to know she had flipped through 48 hours lying static on her bed. Her room was more than tidy for a young neophyte, she never underwent baptism but she did embrace Christ as her redeemer. Some strange gothic music had haunted her in her dreams, she was more than sure of being possessed by a spell of black magic by some sorcerer next door.
“ Lilly! Lilly my darling! Wake up or you are going to be late for your class” came a soft voice and Liela or to be explicit Lilly jumped from her bed just in time to dive into her enigmatic young governess’ arms. Lilly was born a star child, she had potential to imagine the sculptured universe at a very tender age of five, Lilly could spoon feed the information about every biological species to an adult of approximately thrice her age, her parents Albert Burke and Yelena Roolwich Burke were normal people, they owned a dairy firm in a small town of Athena, which was situated in the heartland the western Sweden in the Scandinavian peninsula. Lilly’s parents didn’t make a turnover of a million euros annually but they had enough to support Lilly in whatever way they could, she was the means to their love and living. Everyone was hardly aware of Lilly’s out of the box capabilities when one day Albert’s and Yelena’s world toppled upside down, Lilly collapsed at her school playground and doctors declared her to have driven herself into a coma due to a brain hemorrhage.
                                           To be continued…….