While I was on the way back to my home into the colossal lap of the Himalayas,  I noticed, life is so beautiful when the beauty of the place where you belong to resonates with your soul.

[Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand, India]
[Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand, India]

The Giant Himalayas have always been on the apex of my interests,  I remember  my first Geography  class, how my teacher Fr. Saji Phillip told me about God’s  masterpieces viz the sun,  moon , earth, comets, nebula, asteroids meteoroids and so many things, I can picture him speaking  the words so vividly but there is a far more  picturesque point in my brain  that is when he described the Himalayas,  how they  turned the lake upside down and and erupted right where they  stand today, blessing my motherland.

[ Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand, India]
[Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand, India]

[Tehri, Uttarakhand, India]

Quick facts

  • The snow drapped mountain peaks of The Himalayas grow approximately 24/61 mm every year.

For me they are giants, they are what I grew up seeing. Its been there all the years of my life and yet my fascination for them hardly ever seems to diminish.There are billions of vistas, so many yet to uncover, a mountain range, an unaccessed crest, a deep trench, a submurged ifacts ,a reef, a ridge,a spur, a waterfall, a cave and so on.

[Pauri, Uttarakhand, India]( Picture courtesy: Puneet Chitkariya)

Quick facts

  • Two sherpas – Apa Sherpa  and Phurba Tashi  are the successful summiteers who hold the joinit record of maximum Mt Everest ascents (21 times).
[Pauri, Uttarakhand, India] (Picture courtesy: Puneet Chitkariya)

There is an endless list of things whic can steal glimpses, I wonder nature is such a great engineer, uniquely dexterous. I feel so full of zest to be a part of this blissful miracle of nature, its always an amazing experience to watch nature in its overflowing serenity. Never let go of a chance to be so close to nature.

Beauty of THE HIMALAYAS is eye-popping


THE CRISIS: Humanity Slayn

I was walking in silence, 

I was walking among dead, 

Repeating  to myself ‘You are not afraid’

I was lining  for the leftovers, 

I was collapsing and so was my breadline, 

Thinking by myself,  I am exploding  like a land mine. 

All I see is sand everywhere, 

I  am dipped in dust to my neck, 

Yelling to myself  any now or then I would wreck.

I see no sun of relief, 

The moon chokes my brain with terror, 

I just want to ask god where’s  my mom and to please get her. 
Life has become worse than awful, 

My ears are deaf due to the shellings, 

I ponder on but cannot  count my dwellings. 

Numerous  lie awake  all night ,

I see them let go or I see them  fight, 

I scorn  it but I cannot overcome this fright. 

Baited like a fish in fresh water, 

I am left here all alone,  no family,  no friend, 

The world has gone beyond,  I see no way to amend. 



Smoke“When the curtains would fall,

Smoke will be down too,

When the clouds would crawl,

On the horizon touching the infinity,

Smoke may surround too,

When life would be an adventure,

Don’t forget you always have something better to venture,

Today you have billions around you,

Tomorrow there may be zillions who astound you ,

You can fall down,

Let the smoke dissolve you,

You might as well stand,

Let your feathers guide you,

When the vision would be concrete,

Nothing would be blur,

Humanity and life would spur,

Jump off if you need,

Rise and climb your steed,

Smoke would be off to norwhen,

If  you show that you can!

Blur is infinity,

Infinity is what we can’t find,

Smoke is at hand,

We need to take our stand,

Let no shadows drown you,

Allow the loves of your life be around you,

You can be strong, you can be weak,

You can stay mum, or you can speak,

Speak up because you have to,

Be loud, let the world hear you,

If you don’t matter to them,

Let them not matter to you,

If you are everything to them,

Let them be a universe to you,

You are a jargon, your life is your love,

Motivate yourself,

There is always a need for change,

Smoke will be over,

Light would prevail,

Nothing would be blur,

Humanity and life would spur.

Empowering! Education to build a better future for all

Education: As a path leading to a better world

If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

Education sets the landmark for a future where every individual prospers along with the corresponding increase in time. The development of the first light bulb by famous scientist Thomas Alva Edison qualified as an education for the forthcoming generations to develop a far more powerful fluorescent device, leading to a better future for all.image005 The observation of nuclear fission by pioneer nuclear scientist Otto Hahn and his assistant Fritz Strassmann led the world into a way where energy of incomprehensive limit could be extracted from nucleus of an atom of infinitesimal radius, leading to the vast power supplies which presently feed the growing energy demands of the population.

“The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones” in the similar manner the mountain, perhaps the obstacles here which the world faces today namely terrorism, armed rebellions, boundary disputes between neighboring nations and all sort of riots can be meted out by education; making people educated about these fragments of discord leads to most probable chance of their eradication. An example is, where young impulsive boys of the Naxalites in India are taught the lessons of fury and rage against their own fellow citizens, leading to death of masses, these bits of knowledge when replaced by the more non-prodigious and factual ones would not only lead to a better future for these blooming youngsters but also free the terror stricken lives of inhabitants of the regions. anti-terrorism-555x370.jpgEducation is the incense stick which can diffuse the essence of peace evenly around the world leading to a better future for all.

What makes education a fundamental need is the development of a being at psychological and physiological level. It is well said that a person who is self-satisfied turns out to be a better contributor in the well being and nurturing of the society. Education is the mandatory tool for a child to reach optimum self-accomplishment. From teaching one of his heritage, culture and personality to guiding him/her towards a realistic motive of achieving goals is the core of education. A child is facilitated with ideas and techniques for imbibing skills, sports and all variety of knowledge through education which is a building block. A person who is educated in the field of ecology helps in suggesting ways which will lead to the prevention of atrocities towards nature, thus stabilizing the ecological balance. A person who studies the seismic waves is the life saver of people who could have been victims of an earthquake. Education boosts the very concept of interdependence by making professions and putting a limit to the knowledge of every professional, thereby making it inevitable for one to develop without the other. However the irony still exists for the concept of interdependence and the only remedy is a society where everyone is educated and compassionate to behold the world as a whole leading to better future for all 7 billion of us.

Malala Yousafzai the youngest Nobel Prize laureate and a female activist is of the idea that “There are many problems, but I think there is a solution to all these problems: it’s just one, and it is education”. She was taught by her father to never tolerate violence and as a result not even a fatal gunshot on her head by the Taliban could stop her from spreading the message of peace in the jam-packed situation of terror. Malala’s efforts continue to educate the children in the regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan to stand up and fight for their own rights.

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but lighting of a fire”. The right interpretation of the every thesis leads to an open-minded community, where everyone thrives and blooms. Education spreads the rights that everyone is entitled to practice. Education can reach the ends where nature is at its extreme. It is an indelible requirement for the rapidly developing needs and diminishing resources. Educating the society is like watering a sprouting seed which would grow and enrich the atmosphere with life-giving oxygen and jillion other benefits. A better future is synonymous to an educated population.


Realize“If only the academics could judge me?

None can put a tag on my capability, and yet there are thousands who make me feel low or discouraged.When I was young I realized people shower love only where they see potentials being unfettered.After a while I met a different lot, my perspective underwent a makeover, I came across the nice world where the tenderness of your heart is what weighs.

The world is too wide for this little me, I felt, my life was rapidly boarding on the heights and depths. Twelve years to one they started competing, all I remembered of my past life, my achievements, my motivations, my positions, my possessions and all I could ever imagine or never imagine turned to dust, all that mattered to me didn’t matter to me anymore. A simple realization knocked out my contemplations of a superior life, a mere flash of teeth started making my day, a little eye makeup started making someone’s day, two stanza about love made me ecstatic, a sober heart, less expectations deemed to be an outline to my sketch of life. Slowely and softly I hugged my lifestyle, savouring every bit of it. There are so many beautiful hearts around me, and I never want to go, there was a special heart around me and I let him go. Today though I stand without him and live without him, and yet he is there, always at the back of my head all because he made me realize that love might not  be in being together forever, but being happy in each other’s happiness.

Life keeps twisting our thoughts and thats the biggest realization I ever had, today I think so high of one thing and tomorrow I will scorn it, I am a strong believer of change, on scrutinizing I realized that changes are what keep us going and alive.


It was a sweet memory,
Down the lane I went.
I tread on the ornated flowery bed
Unaware of the sensation which would dread
Everything turned rosy,
The sky puffed up
Whispers filled the spaces in air
Love triumphed
Some melody enthralled my spirits
Another crept in making my heart giggle
When the liking was serene
My heart jingled, dreams stayed sanguine
It was such a movement for me
I don’t know what uncanny things blew it away
I say it in words too straight
It was a matchless pain
It is a lifelong strain
Time snatched him away from me
I resisted too less
I regret too much
Destiny swiftly drifted him apart
I bothered how much would he care
Words mean nothing to love
Love needs no parameter to flourish
Faith was my weakness
I know none of his part
Maybe I have been dreaming too long
Wake me up!
Let me comprehend it
I wouldn’t die or kill for him
But I can love him
I don’t know what love means
But I know what he means
I don’t know what life is
I don’t know who he is
There is something divine in him
He is the reason I believe in destiny
He is the creation my petty heart is indebted to god for
A heart that failed
The story that derailed
I will find good someday
A failed heart sobs
A failed heart hopes
A failed heart won’t die
A failed heart won’t stop
A heart that failed would wait
Even in the greatest joy it would miss
That he didn’t blow me his one last kiss.
At an inch from ceaseless sleep
I will regret
A heart that failed
Failed because of me
A failed heart sobbed, sobbed because of me
A failed heart stopped, stopped because of me
A failed heart failed, failed because of me
A failed heart’s pain is incalculable

The Beautiful Start

Strength of our charm,

Made everyone lose their calm.

With a heart ever so sober,

You made my life a four leaf clover.

A smile worth billions,

A memory to last for gillions.

The canopy of your care,

The incredibility of your stare.

You were the one and I was the one for you,

I rejoiced these moments and wished they never flew.

The captivity of your glance,

Shattered my stance.

Hault! Alrighty commanded,

It was a moment but just for granted.
I don’t want to sound gloomy,

Yet I pen down thoughts which are fumy.

A gentle caressing wind sways my locks,

I still see nothing but hurdles and rocks.

There it was a beautiful start,

This makes me reconcile that love is an art.

Love is not possessing the reigns,

It is about being along in pains and in gains.

I can do everything!

I can discover a meaning to this life,

I can uncover an alternate to the Big Bang,

I can come across an answer to death,

I can unearth the extinct dodo,

I can stumble on the time that has passed,

I can hit upon every possibility against every liability,

Only if I am curious, only when I am curious.

I can reside in faith,

I can surpass every myth,

I can create new beliefs,

I can alter the regime,

I can shut the vault,

I can fly high in the sky,

Only if I am determined, only when I am determined.

I can live in Antarctica,

I can survive hypothermia,

I can ski in Everest,

I can sweat in Arctic,

I can feel the pain,

I can shut the pain,

Only if I am alive, only when I am alive.


As two separate domains on October 21, 1947 a silent agitation gave way to what is commonly known as the FIRST KAHSMIR WAR. The Muslim majority state with 48% Sikh, Hindu and Buddhist of Jammu and Kashmir was at war in the pious presence of the pristine Himalayas. The Azad Kashmir forces (the local militant group) along with the armed Pakistani soldiers fought for encroachment of Indian Territory, for the harsh topography and inaccessible crests of the intoxicating Himalayas they did last but only until they were retaliated back to outskirts of Leh. With a great sigh and sorrow the domains lost their sons to disavail , for a cause which was a no issue but Violence.

A blackish hue casted its shadow on the two domains, when in April of 1965 one started war as a result of what is known as “Operation Gibraltar” in expectations of invading the lush green state of Jammu and Kashmir. For a ceasefire from the UN the war ended but with massive casualties on both spheres, annihilating the living and nonliving uniformly, if only the war would have prolonged one would have reached the state of absolute defeat and that one would have been the encroacher. I ask. How can someone not love peace? The land in any map is part of an entity, our earth, how can we detonate what created us.

On March 27, 1971, the prime minister of India, Indira Gandhi, extended its full-fledged support to the Bangladeshis for their struggle against the Pakistani troops. A country became sovereign! Relations of the nations grew gruesome; hearts became hard, genocides, war dust and destruction reigned.

In the scorching May of 1999 a high-altitude war rode to Kargil district of Kashmir, the husky neighbors were in a conflict due to the infiltration of the Pakistani soldiers and militant insurgency resulting in death, destruction. This added to the history of discord and the cold relation of the nations of India and Pakistan.

This is history but not his story, his story is dissimilar, it is more of pain than of sore relations between two nations, it is the story of his last goodbye, the story of his last cry, the story when he shut his eyes for the last time, the story of the moments he reminisced his mother’s tears and his father’s unostentatious love, the story of his mind imagining his children smiling, the story of his wife waiting, the story of his trauma, it is the story of his disappearance from the world.

War is a futile aspiration; it is death in its original costume. War is antagonism, anguish, agony and misery. Neither Napoleon nor Hitler clenched the world in their fists, never did the gloom of war charm anyone’s life. So why?I ask I see these lines of distress, the situations of complete mess? Why do I see people fighting, children dying, future drowning?

Developers are talking about auto bots and chatter bots, well for that somebody please tell them to fix the existing conscience of people first. We are all sitting and resting today, carefree, enjoying nice time! What if somebody fires a missile at us tomorrow? What are we going to do? War or are we still going to preach peace! I certainly have no answer, I have got no wide thought, all I see is death, in smaller forms that happens in an infiltration day to day and in the a colossal form engulfing lives at war.

My generation is worried! We see no future, I have heard of the plight of the Syrians, India gave refuge to its people and I am so glad about that, the other day I heard of a boat drowning with 700 refugees in it, I have never felt a pain like that before. Are we still thinking of an economy, which won’t be there to mourn for us when we die?

Pakistan needs a lesson more than anybody today, but are we all clean, do we ever look at our foreign policies; these thoughts of wars, conflicts, violence, and vengeance are running me mad! Don’t forget our Malala is born in the nation, an actress got a FIR filed against her for a statement that the residents of Pakistan are as peace loving as us just in the wrong hands. What if we go at war?

Another war in few decades?

And yet another in few more?

What we need is an enduring solution and not a war or violence, because if at all the world enters, this will be the last war and earth will shut its eyes before its sun’s extinguishes. It will be a death war and no one will be present to claim it.