I was walking in silence, 

I was walking among dead, 

Repeating  to myself ‘You are not afraid’

I was lining  for the leftovers, 

I was collapsing and so was my breadline, 

Thinking by myself,  I am exploding  like a land mine. 

All I see is sand everywhere, 

I  am dipped in dust to my neck, 

Yelling to myself  any now or then I would wreck.

I see no sun of relief, 

The moon chokes my brain with terror, 

I just want to ask god where’s  my mom and to please get her. 
Life has become worse than awful, 

My ears are deaf due to the shellings, 

I ponder on but cannot  count my dwellings. 

Numerous  lie awake  all night ,

I see them let go or I see them  fight, 

I scorn  it but I cannot overcome this fright. 

Baited like a fish in fresh water, 

I am left here all alone,  no family,  no friend, 

The world has gone beyond,  I see no way to amend. 


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