Smoke“When the curtains would fall,

Smoke will be down too,

When the clouds would crawl,

On the horizon touching the infinity,

Smoke may surround too,

When life would be an adventure,

Don’t forget you always have something better to venture,

Today you have billions around you,

Tomorrow there may be zillions who astound you ,

You can fall down,

Let the smoke dissolve you,

You might as well stand,

Let your feathers guide you,

When the vision would be concrete,

Nothing would be blur,

Humanity and life would spur,

Jump off if you need,

Rise and climb your steed,

Smoke would be off to norwhen,

If  you show that you can!

Blur is infinity,

Infinity is what we can’t find,

Smoke is at hand,

We need to take our stand,

Let no shadows drown you,

Allow the loves of your life be around you,

You can be strong, you can be weak,

You can stay mum, or you can speak,

Speak up because you have to,

Be loud, let the world hear you,

If you don’t matter to them,

Let them not matter to you,

If you are everything to them,

Let them be a universe to you,

You are a jargon, your life is your love,

Motivate yourself,

There is always a need for change,

Smoke will be over,

Light would prevail,

Nothing would be blur,

Humanity and life would spur.


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