Empowering! Education to build a better future for all

Education: As a path leading to a better world

If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

Education sets the landmark for a future where every individual prospers along with the corresponding increase in time. The development of the first light bulb by famous scientist Thomas Alva Edison qualified as an education for the forthcoming generations to develop a far more powerful fluorescent device, leading to a better future for all.image005 The observation of nuclear fission by pioneer nuclear scientist Otto Hahn and his assistant Fritz Strassmann led the world into a way where energy of incomprehensive limit could be extracted from nucleus of an atom of infinitesimal radius, leading to the vast power supplies which presently feed the growing energy demands of the population.

“The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones” in the similar manner the mountain, perhaps the obstacles here which the world faces today namely terrorism, armed rebellions, boundary disputes between neighboring nations and all sort of riots can be meted out by education; making people educated about these fragments of discord leads to most probable chance of their eradication. An example is, where young impulsive boys of the Naxalites in India are taught the lessons of fury and rage against their own fellow citizens, leading to death of masses, these bits of knowledge when replaced by the more non-prodigious and factual ones would not only lead to a better future for these blooming youngsters but also free the terror stricken lives of inhabitants of the regions. anti-terrorism-555x370.jpgEducation is the incense stick which can diffuse the essence of peace evenly around the world leading to a better future for all.

What makes education a fundamental need is the development of a being at psychological and physiological level. It is well said that a person who is self-satisfied turns out to be a better contributor in the well being and nurturing of the society. Education is the mandatory tool for a child to reach optimum self-accomplishment. From teaching one of his heritage, culture and personality to guiding him/her towards a realistic motive of achieving goals is the core of education. A child is facilitated with ideas and techniques for imbibing skills, sports and all variety of knowledge through education which is a building block. A person who is educated in the field of ecology helps in suggesting ways which will lead to the prevention of atrocities towards nature, thus stabilizing the ecological balance. A person who studies the seismic waves is the life saver of people who could have been victims of an earthquake. Education boosts the very concept of interdependence by making professions and putting a limit to the knowledge of every professional, thereby making it inevitable for one to develop without the other. However the irony still exists for the concept of interdependence and the only remedy is a society where everyone is educated and compassionate to behold the world as a whole leading to better future for all 7 billion of us.

Malala Yousafzai the youngest Nobel Prize laureate and a female activist is of the idea that “There are many problems, but I think there is a solution to all these problems: it’s just one, and it is education”. She was taught by her father to never tolerate violence and as a result not even a fatal gunshot on her head by the Taliban could stop her from spreading the message of peace in the jam-packed situation of terror. Malala’s efforts continue to educate the children in the regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan to stand up and fight for their own rights.

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but lighting of a fire”. The right interpretation of the every thesis leads to an open-minded community, where everyone thrives and blooms. Education spreads the rights that everyone is entitled to practice. Education can reach the ends where nature is at its extreme. It is an indelible requirement for the rapidly developing needs and diminishing resources. Educating the society is like watering a sprouting seed which would grow and enrich the atmosphere with life-giving oxygen and jillion other benefits. A better future is synonymous to an educated population.


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