It was a sweet memory,
Down the lane I went.
I tread on the ornated flowery bed
Unaware of the sensation which would dread
Everything turned rosy,
The sky puffed up
Whispers filled the spaces in air
Love triumphed
Some melody enthralled my spirits
Another crept in making my heart giggle
When the liking was serene
My heart jingled, dreams stayed sanguine
It was such a movement for me
I don’t know what uncanny things blew it away
I say it in words too straight
It was a matchless pain
It is a lifelong strain
Time snatched him away from me
I resisted too less
I regret too much
Destiny swiftly drifted him apart
I bothered how much would he care
Words mean nothing to love
Love needs no parameter to flourish
Faith was my weakness
I know none of his part
Maybe I have been dreaming too long
Wake me up!
Let me comprehend it
I wouldn’t die or kill for him
But I can love him
I don’t know what love means
But I know what he means
I don’t know what life is
I don’t know who he is
There is something divine in him
He is the reason I believe in destiny
He is the creation my petty heart is indebted to god for
A heart that failed
The story that derailed
I will find good someday
A failed heart sobs
A failed heart hopes
A failed heart won’t die
A failed heart won’t stop
A heart that failed would wait
Even in the greatest joy it would miss
That he didn’t blow me his one last kiss.
At an inch from ceaseless sleep
I will regret
A heart that failed
Failed because of me
A failed heart sobbed, sobbed because of me
A failed heart stopped, stopped because of me
A failed heart failed, failed because of me
A failed heart’s pain is incalculable


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