The Beautiful Start

Strength of our charm,

Made everyone lose their calm.

With a heart ever so sober,

You made my life a four leaf clover.

A smile worth billions,

A memory to last for gillions.

The canopy of your care,

The incredibility of your stare.

You were the one and I was the one for you,

I rejoiced these moments and wished they never flew.

The captivity of your glance,

Shattered my stance.

Hault! Alrighty commanded,

It was a moment but just for granted.
I don’t want to sound gloomy,

Yet I pen down thoughts which are fumy.

A gentle caressing wind sways my locks,

I still see nothing but hurdles and rocks.

There it was a beautiful start,

This makes me reconcile that love is an art.

Love is not possessing the reigns,

It is about being along in pains and in gains.


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