I can do everything!

I can discover a meaning to this life,

I can uncover an alternate to the Big Bang,

I can come across an answer to death,

I can unearth the extinct dodo,

I can stumble on the time that has passed,

I can hit upon every possibility against every liability,

Only if I am curious, only when I am curious.

I can reside in faith,

I can surpass every myth,

I can create new beliefs,

I can alter the regime,

I can shut the vault,

I can fly high in the sky,

Only if I am determined, only when I am determined.

I can live in Antarctica,

I can survive hypothermia,

I can ski in Everest,

I can sweat in Arctic,

I can feel the pain,

I can shut the pain,

Only if I am alive, only when I am alive.


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