While I was on the way back to my home into the colossal lap of the Himalayas,  I noticed, life is so beautiful when the beauty of the place where you belong to resonates with your soul. The Giant Himalayas have always been on the apex of my interests,  I remember  my first Geography  class, … Continue reading Mountains 


Smoke"When the curtains would fall, Smoke will be down too, When the clouds would crawl, On the horizon touching the infinity, Smoke may surround too, When life would be an adventure, Don't forget you always have something better to venture, Today you have billions around you, Tomorrow there may be zillions who astound you , You … Continue reading Blur

Empowering! Education to build a better future for all

Education: As a path leading to a better world If winter comes, can spring be far behind? Education sets the landmark for a future where every individual prospers along with the corresponding increase in time. The development of the first light bulb by famous scientist Thomas Alva Edison qualified as an education for the forthcoming … Continue reading Empowering! Education to build a better future for all